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BLU3 Season

by R.3.D

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My mind state of depression


released June 30, 2011

Written By: D. George
Produced By: R3D
Co-Produced By: XO, MOOSE, Wicho, & MOH
Features: Kyra, Sy Jones, Wicho, MOH, MOOSE, & Babi R3D
Female Voices: I'Naiya Syke & Nicole Taylor
Mix & Mastered By: R3D & RaSkilz



all rights reserved


R.3.D Las Vegas, Nevada

Discovering numerology and newfound spiritual growth a new journey came to life by faith through R.3.D's music. After releasing 13' Til Infinity August 22, 2013, Saucemensional opened up with Ace Hood & Ty$ in Los Angeles, CA. Also engineering & features with TDE artist Ab-Soul & Houston, TX artist Sauce Walaka from Sauce Twinz. The saga continues for 3rd World prince R.3.D ... more

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Track Name: Never Lover
Never Lover

Muhfuckin cowbell

You always tellin me to do this, and do that, and I don't ever do shxt
But yet I'm still better than the best ya neva been with
Cause' I never cheated, but you always heated
Why? I don't know maybe you should apologize

For the drama that you put me through
Fuck the love it's the fucking I can fucking do
I hate love, cause' I love and I hate you
A thin line but I'll run from the love cause' it's easier to like

But I might, give it a try or put it on the side
It's never been big on my twitter timeline
That's prolly cause' back in 2010, back then
I was sippin' on the bottle heart broken by the gin

...Again, I could never take this pain away
I ask God every night for a better day
Anyway, I'm runnin on a straight-a-way
My lifes turning but you could never fade-a-way

I never told you that I'll love you, forever, but you always told me
You never did care if I was around the homies
But I never said it when I was around the brodies
Cuz I told them I'll never love a woadie

Which is dumb
We need woadiez in the world
To reproduce, an excuse to fuck girls
But when I did, you had a kid, now I "OH SHIT!"
& Dash from the problems like the name of our kid

But the Dash does matter, yo belly gettin fatter
and you only gettin madder, cause' you always on the bladder
Mama told me neva quit till I get a test
Yes, I do believe that you had sex

...Not from me from ya otha buddy
It hurts to even think that you had a cuddy buddy
I found out cause' yo best friend had told it all
But that aint all, I couldn't even feel the walls

When I stuck it in, I could even feel the walls
I guess he had a BIG SHWOOMP!

I sometimes did wrong
And sometimes you did too
We sometimes got along
The good times we been through

2 wrongs don't make a right
It's weird that I still miss ya
Ya had sex with my friend right?
So I had sex with ya fake sistah
Track Name: Fantastic Flow
I got that fantastic flow, till the paint drippin
...till ya feet slippin
I got my soul laced ego, till my heart trippin
...till my beat skippin

I neva been so coo before, cuz I'm always lookin low
I've always been this broke, but I've neva been this poor
Whose at my door knockin? (Who Iz It) What the hell they want
I know they say they wanna be friends but I know what the hell they want

See I'm uh G for greatness, you uh G for gayness
She uh G for glamour, and the rest is gangstuh
But I am in 2, tulips, that P.O.U
What's that mean, that mean Ima hoe because it's PUSSY OVA

You could thank me now forever grateful, I'm here for you sistahs
I love my women not them doods, so fuck all you niggas
You keep me down and unemployed, I'm tryna get bigger
But you keep killin all my fans, keep bustin them triggers

No need for tenderosity, I see yo generosity
I mean yo hospitality, only keep gettin mad at me
Why? Iz it cuz iz that I'm not a killer
I'd rather save a life then I'd pull a trigger

I got that fantastic flow, till the paint drippin
...till ya feet slippin
I got my soul laced ego, till my heart trippin
...till my beat skippin
I got that fantastic flow, till the paint drippin
...till ya feet slippin
I got my soul laced ego, till my heart trippin
...till my beat skippin